Reference details are mandatory

Before you send your invoice to us, it is important to check the following:
1. The invoice is issued to the right company
2. The invoice contains the following fields: Bank account no. | Invoice no. | Invoice date | Total amount | VAT amount | Your reference | Your VAT registration no.

3. The invoice has the correct reference details - All supplier invoices must be marked with the complete name of the reference person together with a four-digit reference number.
This marking indicates the person who ordered the product / service. All staff at Areco who orders a product / service must always state a reference number. If you do not have a reference, please contact the person who placed the order and ask for a correct reference information.

Example of how a correct reference information looks like [Ref. 1111 - First name and Last name]

NOTE! If the above information is missing or incorrect, we will return the invoice and a new correct invoice must be issued.

Correct company name

To be able to live up to the tax legislation, it is important that you as a supplier set the invoice to the correct legal entity within Areco.
The invoices that do not have the correct company name will be returned for completion because we cannot handle these in our system.

Payment terms

We apply 30 days net to supplier invoices alt. individually agreed terms.
The main rule is that we do not pay any invoicing fees unless there is a special agreement.


We prefer to receive your invoice as a PDF.

Billing address

All paper invoices are sent for processing to:
[Correct Company Name]
Vinkelgatan 13
211 24 Malmö, Sweden

We will return all invoices that have an incorrect appearance or lack any of the above information.
If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us.

Areco Steel AB

Parent company
VAT no.: SE556043252701
Billing address: Vinkelgatan 13, 211 24 Malmö, Sweden
Mail PDF-Invoice to: info[at]

Areco Metals AB

Purchase and processing of raw materials
VAT no.: SE556754820001
Billing address: Vinkelgatan 13, 211 24 Malmö, Sweden
Mail PDF-Invoice to: invoicemetals[at]

Areco Profiles AB

Manufacture of sheet metal products
VAT no.: SE556266451501
Billing address: Vinkelgatan 13, 211 24 Malmö, Sweden
Mail PDF-Invoice to:[at]

Areco Direct AB

Wholesale unit
VAT no.: SE556063803201
Billing address: Vinkelgatan 13, 211 24 Malmö, Sweden
Mail PDF-Invoice to: invoicedirect[at]

Areco Properties AB

Management and rental of premises
VAT no.: SE55645132301
Billing address: Vinkelgatan 13, 211 24 Malmö, Swedn
Mail PDF-Invoice to: invoiceproperties[at]

Apply for a PDF invoice and pay in an environmentally friendly, fast and easy way

As part of our environmental work, we offer our customers to apply for a PDF invoice. In addition, it also streamlines your invoice management. You reduce the risk of missed due dates and that the invoice disappears during handling.

All we need is the company's contact information and e-mail address to the invoice recipient.

Above you will find contact information and e-mail addresses required to send PDF invoices to our various companies.