"Our business concept is to develop, manufacture, and globally market products
and services to the various industries based on customer needs."


Our vision is to be a leading player in diverse industries, where customers can easily recognise Areco’s products and brand. The Areco brand shall convey expertise, experience, competitiveness and customisation. At the same time, Areco shall be a modern, innovated and a spirited element of a traditional industry.

We offer our customers custom-tailored turnkey solutions. Through a complete range of products and services, we want to be our customers’ obvious partner from raw material to steel buildings and industries. We continually strive to develop our partner network and provide expertise so that our customers can expand with us.

Our vision is to continue growing and developing, with expanded distribution and warehousing in Sweden. We are also planning the construction of additional factories in Scandinavia, the Baltic region and Germany. We also intend to focus on increasing sales in northern Europe.

Corporate Philosophy

Areco is a responsive Group. Our customers mean everything to us, and we want to base our product range, product quality and pricing on the needs of our customers.

We prefer to call this philosophy a partnership rather than a customer-supplier relationship. It is important that both parties can grow and benefit from the relationship. This is why we are working to offer a complete range and customised solutions to our customers. We want to be a long-term partner and try to adapt to our customers’ changing needs.

Creating a positive impression of our products and services is always our number one priority. Without compromising our professionalism, we want to be a modern and inspiring element of a traditional industry. To achieve this, we try to constantly challenge ourselves by presenting our products in new and creative ways.

At Areco, we foster and safeguard our talents. We want to give everyone the opportunity to grow within the company. A good and inspiring working environment is vital to the continued growth and expansion of Areco. We will continue our work to improve Areco’s commitment to the environment as well as to take greater social responsibility. Areco has a long history of supporting sports through sponsorship, and plans to expand its social commitment.

Corporate Culture

Areco strives to put the focus on the customer and constantly works to develop both working methods and the organisation to ensure the customer experience is as positive as possible. As a team, we are experienced, fast and flexible. We have a modern and innovative approach to both the industry in generaland our products. This is why we always try to forge our own path and think innovatively to find effective solutions together with the customer.

Diversity is of great value at Areco. A workforce made up of people with different cultural backgrounds, with diverse levels of experience and knowledge, increases our operational efficiency and quality. The Areco team is made up of people with extensive expertise and experience in different areas, with everyone working in line with the same core values and goals.

We are convinced that a good and pleasant working environment with plenty of room to grow are positive for our employees and the company. Great respect for our customers and for each other creates competitive power.



Areco offers high-quality and strong products with raw materials that come from certified and leading steelworks. We take full responsibility for the materials and provide generous warranties.

All products comply with market requirements and are CE marked. This means that the products are manufactured in accordance with the EU Construction Products Directive as regards requirements such as health, safety, function and environment.

It is a given that the services offered by Areco are of high quality. The group has extensive expertise and experience. We continuously update our work methods, and our machinery is constantly updated and renewed to be of the highest technical standard.



Areco attaches great importance to both the environment and safety.We actively work to streamline company processes and to reduce our burden on the environment. Recycling and sorting as much as possible and trying to minimise the generation of residual products and waste are natural elements of our operations.

We impose environmental requirements on suppliers and work to continuouslyreduce the environmental impact of our transports. Storage and distribution of Areco products are always done in a safe manner.

Compliance with laws and ordinances is a matter of course and the minimum level for our environmental work.



A good and safe working environment is a must for Areco to be a popular and competitive company. We care about our employees. Their job satisfaction and safety are a top priority. Ensuring no employee is subjected to harassment or discrimination is an important part of our corporate culture.

Health and safety issues are an integral part of the company. We are constantly trying to improve our work processes and facilitate daily work with the tools and methods that are available. We have procedures in place for the inspection and maintenance of our production lines, transports and equipment. Each year, we review the outcome of environmental work with the aim of creating an even better workplace


Areco’s success is built on the same foundation as that of a winning sports team – having a clear vision, focusing on the right things, and solid teamwork. Our attitude is that sports plays an important role in both the current and future generations. We are therefore pleased and proud to sponsor various sports teams. Through our commitment, we hope to strengthen the Areco brand while doing our part to create successful teams and new talents.