The Areco Group

Areco Steel is the parent company of the privately-owned Areco Group, which also includes the four divisions: Areco Metals, Areco Profiles, Areco Direct and Areco Properties with approx. 300 employees in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Poland. Our business concept is to develop, manufacture, and globally market products and services to the construction industry based on customer needs.

We do Christmas differently

This year at Areco we thought of something we hadn't before. Maybe Christmas, we thought, doesn't come from a store. And Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more. So, we asked some happy co-fellow, to be part of a very merry show. Our commitment started in low, then during filming it started to grow. This jolly movie proves true Areco-spirit, in a whole new way. And our hearts grew surely, three sizes that day! With these words of wisdom, thanks to Dr. Seuss, Wish you all a joyful Christmas, with some Santa Clues!

Areco-WoMan | The Skydiver

Say hello to Sonja Michanek, our first Areco-woman! Sonja is a passionate skydiver, celebrating 15 years. She also competes in VFS (vertical formation skydiving) in the group called Unicorns United, Sweden's first and only VFS team, with girls only. We at Areco share Sonja’s philosophy, the more fun you have, the better you get. So, let’s jump and develop together with all our talented and inspiring girls!

Areco-Man | The Football Freestyler

This month’s Areco-Man is Viktor Olofsson, professional football freestyler, from Gothenburg, Sweden. Viktor discovered football freestyle back in 2008 and have by years of training developed into one of the world’s best freestylers, proving that with strong dedication and right mindset everything is possible!

Areco-Man | The Kitesurfer

Areco-Man summer edition with Tobias Schmid professional kitesurfer, teaching kitesurfing in Lomma, Sweden. His job is also his passion. It’s a lifestyle! Wave riding requires focus, flexibility and strength. Tobias mastering the power of the wind and changing the course fast, like a true Areco-Man does. So, let’s have a great summer with good vibes on the tides!

Areco-Man | The Latin Dancers

Johanna Persson 16, and Felix Forsberg 19, from Helsingborg performing in our hot and steamy, Latin dance movie. Dance is their passion and their goal is to be among the top three in Sweden, soon. Their style is dynamic and sharp, they are a strong and compassionate couple. And obviously Areco’s raw material warehouse in Helsingborg’s Harbor is a great place to cut loose! So, dance, wherever you get the chance and feel the pulsating Latin rhythms together with us this summer.

Areco-Man | The Skater

Axel Wellton is our following Areco-Man. He is one of the best skaters from Malmö, Sweden. Axel was named Sweden’s foremost skater in 2012 and won the competition Red Bull Manny Mania on two occasions.

Areco-Man | The Parkour

Next Areco-Man is Joel Vaissi, free runner from Malmö, Sweden. He is climbing, vaulting, jumping when getting from A to B, in the fastest and most efficient way. Same principles that we aim to do at Areco.

Areco-Man | The MX Rider

Meet our next Areco-Man, Felix Nilsson motocross rider, showing strength, flexibility and dedication during his whole path. Born in Scania County, Sweden, Felix started with MX already at age 5. Today he is among the best riders in Sweden and races at a top-level in both national and international championships.

Areco-Man | The Dancer

We are proud to present our next Areco-Man, Amer Rizvic from Malmö, Sweden! Amer is a strong, flexible and dedicated dancer and won the Swedish breakdance battle on three occasions.

Areco-Man | The Freestyle Skier

Carl Widing 23-year-old freestyle skier from Sälen, Sweden, performing in this breath-taking movie. Skiing is the best he knows! He is flipping, spinning and sliding rails on his skis, it’s a pure adrenalin rush! Freestyle skiing - freedom of expression - combining speed, flexibility and the ability to dare to do things differently. This is our reality!

Areco-Man | The Pole Artist

This month’s Areco-Man is Adde, a Swedish Chinese pole artist with 20 years of circus experience, and today a twist master in the pole branch. He undoubtedly shows his dedication, strength and flexibility when attacking a single pole and performing some astonishing acrobatic scene, in a playful way.

Areco-Man | The bodybuilder

A brand new year full of dreams and Areco-man is back stronger than ever! Johan Adolfsson, a professional bodybuilder from southern Sweden, showing his strength, dedication and flexibility throughout this movie. To develop and control one’s body and mind requires hard and persistent everyday work over a long time. We at Areco share Johan’s philosophy to do our utmost no matter whether it comes to work or workout, and along the way, do enjoy the journey.

Areco-Man | The Hockey winger

The Areco-Man Short Film Series officially launches today! We will release one movie each month over the coming years. We want to highlight the strength, flexibility and commitment of our creative and multi-talented staff. First Areco-Man on stage is the extremely talented Robin Álvarez, a professional ice hockey winger, currently playing for Malmö Redhawks in the Swedish Hockey League. Yes, we can do things differently, even in a traditional industry!