Areco Steel is the parent company and takes strategic, financial and administrative responsibility for the Group - divisions Areco Metals, Areco Profiles, Areco Direct, Areco Contractor and Areco Properties. The company also works with the overall investments for the Group as well as acquisitions and property management.

Group Management

Areco Steel

Peter Areskog

+46 705 54 20 30

Areco Metals

Anders Lindell

Business Director SE/PL
+46 709 42 12 22

Areco Profiles

Pontus Holgersson

Business Director SE/DK/NO
+46 708 95 58 18

Areco Contractor

Marcus Åbinger

Business Director
+46 708 46 84 00

Areco Properties

Victoria Areskog

Business Director
+46 709 45 00 39

Areco Steel is the parent company of the privately-owned Areco Group, which also includes the five divisions: Areco Metals, Areco Profiles, Areco Direct, Areco Contractor and Areco Properties with a total of 162 employees in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Poland.

Areco Steel is responsible for strategy, procurement, property management and overall investments for the Group. The company also works administratively with accounting, IT and marketing support for the entire Group. Areco Steel’s operations are managed from our head office in Malmö, Sweden.

Management’s goal is to simplify processes and considers it their primary task to maintain flexibility, communication, efficiency and quality in the Group while ensuring major growth. Areco Steel provides the subsidiaries with the necessary tools to enable them to focus on higher volumes and improved performance.

The Group has experienced strong economic growth in recent years. Turnover has increased tenfold through both organic growth and acquisitions. The financial strength is expected to enable the continued rapid development of the Group.


Our business concept is to develop, manufacture, and globally market products and services to the construction industry based on customer needs.


Areco is a responsive Group. Our customers mean everything to us, and we want to base our product range, product quality and pricing on the needs of our customers.

We prefer to call this philosophy a partnership rather than a customer-supplier relationship. It is important that both parties can grow and benefit from the relationship. This is why we are working to offer a complete range and customised solutions to our customers. We want to be a long-term partner and try to adapt to our customers’ changing needs.

Creating a positive impression of our products and services is always our number one priority. Without compromising our professionalism, we want to be a modern and inspiring element of a traditional industry. To achieve this, we try to constantly challenge ourselves by presenting our products in new and creative ways.


Our vision is to be a leading player in the construction industry, where customers can easily recognise Areco’s products and brand. The Areco brand shall convey expertise, experience, competitiveness and customisation. At the same time, Areco shall be a modern, innovated and a spirited element of a traditional industry.

We offer our customers custom-tailored turnkey solutions. Through a complete range of products and services, we want to be our customers’ obvious partner from demolition to reconstruction.

We continually strive to develop our partner network and provide expertise so that our customers can expand with us.

Our vision is to continue growing and developing, with expanded distribution and warehousing in Sweden. We are also planning the construction of additional factories in Scandinavia, the Baltic region and Germany.

We also intend to focus on increasing sales in northern Europe.

The goal in the future is to reach the top positions in our segments, while at the same time developing operations in other related industries.

At Areco, we foster and safeguard our talents. We want to give everyone the opportunity to grow within the company. A good and inspiring working environment is vital to the continued growth and expansion of Areco.

Through Areco Contractor, we now have specialist knowledge in the field of the environment – expertise we want to implement in the other companies. We will continue our work to improve Areco’s commitment to the environment as well as to take greater social responsibility. Areco has a long history of supporting sports through sponsorship, and plans to expand its social commitment.


Areco strives to put the focus on the customer and constantly works to develop both working methods and the organisation to ensure the customer experience is as positive as possible. As a team, we are experienced, fast and flexible. We have a modern and innovative approach to both the industry in general and our products. This is why we always try to forge our own path and think innovatively to find effective solutions together with the customer.

Diversity is of great value at Areco. A workforce made up of people with different cultural backgrounds, with diverse levels of experience and knowledge, increases our operational efficiency and quality. The Areco team is made up of people with extensive expertise and experience in different areas, with everyone working in line with the same core values and goals.

For us as a team to be able to think along new lines, learn new things and develop both personally and professionally, we always try to give everyone space to take responsibility and grow. It is important for each employee to feel valuable since their skills and experience are key to a well-functioning organisation. We safeguard our talents and want to keep them and give them opportunities to develop within the company.

We are convinced that a good and pleasant working environment with plenty of room to grow are positive for our employees and the company. Great respect for our customers and for each other creates competitive power.


Areco’s success is built on the same foundation as that of a winning sports team – having a clear vision, focusing on the right things, and solid teamwork. Our attitude is that sports plays an important role in both the current and future generations. We are therefore pleased and proud to sponsor various sports teams. Through our commitment, we hope to strengthen the Areco brand while doing our part to create successful teams and new talents.