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Areco Head Office
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Areco is one of Europe’s largest importers and stock-holders of sheet metal for the building industry. Our material is used for production of trapezoidal profiles, roof tile, light-weight purlins, sandwich panels, water draining systems and all kinds of accessories in sheet metal.

In order to offer the best service on our markets, we have two stock facilities in Europe. Our main stock is in Helsingborg, southern Sweden, where we continuously keep an average of 25 000 tons, in many different dimensions and colours.

The sheet metal is delivered in the form of coils, weighing 4-6 tons each and our main suppliers are top modern steel-mills with impressive quality and capacity.

Today, Areco is Malmö’s biggest container importer, bringing in approximately 2 500 containers per year.

In the volatile steel and construction business, the combination of quality and price is of
outmost importance. Since the 90’s, Areco is cooperating with well renowned Asian and
European steel-mills and because we have long experience and buy large volumes, we are always able to offer high quality at competitive prices.

As an important security for our customers Areco takes full responsibility for the material and offers market based warranties.

Our coils are available in many different dimensions and colours. [Click here to see]

One of Areco’s main advantages is the quick delivery times. From our stock facility, we can
deliver material within 24 hours from the order date. We offer very competitive transportation
prices and the trucks can be loaded according to our customers’ wishes, with mixed dimensions
and colours.

Regardless of where our customers are located, they will have the material in place within a week, which minimizes unnecessary stock holding and capital binding.

Areco is a flexible company and we are always trying to find the best possible solution for our
customers. Regarding coils, our customers can choose to work with us in three different ways.

Stock tonnage – sporadic orders from our stock, depending on availability. Material can never
be reserved and the price level is slightly higher compared to the following alternatives.

Contract, stock tonnage – a contract for a larger tonnage of our standard stock material.
This material is reserved for the customer, at a certain price level, and is delivered during the
agreed time period of the contract. Minimum quantity is 200 tons.

Contract, special tonnage – a contract on material that we normally don’t keep in stock. It could be a special colour, coating, dimension or steel grade. We bring the material to our stock and deliver the whole tonnage as soon as we receive it. The delivery time and minimum quantity is according to the agreement.

Please contact us to discuss how we could secure your long-term need of raw material.

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