"We do things differently" is a series of short films presenting the Areco-Man. We want to highlight the strength, flexibility and commitment of our creative and multi-talented staff. Yes, we can do things differently, even in a traditional industry!

The Areco Group

We do Christmas differently

Areco Man - The Latin Dancers

Areco-Man - The Freestyle Skier

Areco-Man - The bodybuilder

Areco-Woman - The skydiver

Areco-Man - The Chinese pole artist

Areco-Man - The football freestyler

Areco-Man - The kitesurfer

Areco-Man - The MX rider

Areco-Man - The dancer

Areco-Man - The skater

Areco-Man - The parkour

Areco-Man - The hockey winger

Areco Profiles - Mission is possible

Caracol production

Stratos production

Areco production

TP128 production

Purlin production